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2017.DEC : VOA Monthly Title List  

2017.NOV , 2017.DEC , 2018.JAN

Num Create date VOA date Title of VOA news
1 2017.DEC.02 2017.DEC.01 Trump's Former Adviser Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI
2 2017.DEC.03 2017.DEC.01-2 Jailed Uyghur Scholar Earns Freedom Award
3 2017.DEC.03 2017.DEC.01-3 'Benito Cereno,' by Herman Melville, Part One
4 2017.DEC.03 2017.DEC.02 Scientists Find No Evidence of Yeti
5 2017.DEC.04 2017.DEC.03 What to Do with Radioactive Water from Fukushima
6 2017.DEC.04 2017.DEC.03-2 Hollywood Is Finally Getting Its Own Film Museum
7 2017.DEC.04 2017.DEC.03-3 Rights Group Warns of China's New 'Police Cloud'
8 2017.DEC.05 2017.DEC.04 Still No Winner in Honduras Election
9 2017.DEC.05 2017.DEC.04-2 Have North Korea's Weapons Tests Reached a 'Red Line?'
10 2017.DEC.05 2017.DEC.04-3 Flu Virus Can Be Deadlier Than War
11 2017.DEC.06 2017.DEC.05 Trump Informs Mideast Leaders of US Embassy Move to Jerusalem
12 2017.DEC.06 2017.DEC.05-2 Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar Cancel Chinese Projects
13 2017.DEC.06 2017.DEC.05-3 IOC Suspends Russia from 2018 Olympics
14 2017.DEC.06 2017.DEC.05-4 Prepare Yourself for a Better TOEFL Score
15 2017.DEC.07 2017.DEC.06 Terror Plot Against British Prime Minister Stopped
16 2017.DEC.07 2017.DEC.06-2 Coastal City's Future Depends on Costly, Unpopular Changes
17 2017.DEC.07 2017.DEC.06-3 Facebook Opens to Children Under 13 for Messaging
18 2017.DEC.08 2017.DEC.07 Study: Oil Spills Double Risk of Baby Deaths in Nigeria
19 2017.DEC.08 2017.DEC.07-2 Da Vinci Painting Heads to Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum
20 2017.DEC.09 2017.DEC.08 Strong Winds Continue to Fuel California Wildfires
21 2017.DEC.09 2017.DEC.08-2 Rwanda Invests in STEM Education for Girls
22 2017.DEC.09 2017.DEC.08-3 UNESCO Names Neapolitan Pizza a Cultural Heritage
23 2017.DEC.10 2017.DEC.08-4 Christmas Attractions Across America
24 2017.DEC.10 2017.DEC.09 Is Water Really on Mars?
25 2017.DEC.10 2017.DEC.09-2 Expressions for the Road!
26 2017.DEC.11 2017.DEC.09-3 Famed American Architect's Desert Home Brings Crowds
27 2017.DEC.11 2017.DEC.09-4 Working Too Much Harms US College Students' Academic Progress
28 2017.DEC.11 2017.DEC.10 Conservation Group Sees Better Future for Two Kiwi Birds
29 2017.DEC.12 2017.DEC.10-2 George H.W. Bush: Cautious
30 2017.DEC.12 2017.DEC.10-3 Doctors Use Virtual Reality to Prepare for Surgeries
31 2017.DEC.12 2017.DEC.11 Small Bomb Explodes in New York Subway, 4 Injured
32 2017.DEC.13 2017.DEC.11-2 AP Report: Myanmar's Security Forces Using Rape Against Rohingya
33 2017.DEC.13 2017.DEC.11-3 France Orders International Recall of Baby Food
34 2017.DEC.13 2017.DEC.11-4 Bitcoin Futures Rise on Financial Exchange Trading
35 2017.DEC.14 2017.DEC.11-5 Experimental Therapy Saves Boy With Rare Disease
36 2017.DEC.14 2017.DEC.12 'Feminism' Is Merriam-Webster 'Word of the Year'
37 2017.DEC.14 2017.DEC.12-2 Experts: No End to Yemeni Civil War in Near Future
38 2017.DEC.14 2017.DEC.12-3 Russia Pressures India to Support Chinese Trade Project
39 2017.DEC.14 2017.DEC.12-4 American Clergyman Leads Rare Event in Vietnam
40 2017.DEC.14 2017.DEC.12-5 Trump Blames Democrats for Fueling Sexual Abuse Claims
41 2017.DEC.14 2017.DEC.12-6 Learn Prefixes, Suffixes to Expand Your Vocabulary
42 2017.DEC.15 2017.DEC.13 France Named Most Food Sustainable Country
43 2017.DEC.15 2017.DEC.13-2 Famous Painting Will Raise Money to Fight Kidney Disease
44 2017.DEC.15 2017.DEC.13-3 As Bitcoin's Value Rises, Japanese Investors Join In
45 2017.DEC.15 2017.DEC.13-4 Muslim Group 'Rejects and Condemns' US Jerusalem Decision
46 2017.DEC.15 2017.DEC.13-5 What People Looked Up on Google in 2017
47 2017.DEC.16 2017.DEC.14 African Schools Debate Whether to Teach in Local Languages
48 2017.DEC.16 2017.DEC.14-2 Families Seek News of North Korean Abductees
49 2017.DEC.16 2017.DEC.14-3 Teens Prepare to Be Nurse Assistants Through Hands On Training
50 2017.DEC.16 2017.DEC.14-4 Venezuelans Survive on Bitcoin
51 2017.DEC.16 2017.DEC.14-5 US Government Agency Ends 'Net Neutrality' Rule
52 2017.DEC.17 2017.DEC.15 As China's Wine Industry Grows, France Trains a New Generation
53 2017.DEC.17 2017.DEC.15-2 Migrants from Venezuela May Cause Problem in Brazil
54 2017.DEC.17 2017.DEC.15-3 'Benito Cereno,' by Herman Melville, Part Three
55 2017.DEC.18 2017.DEC.16 What Effect Will Cuts to UN Peacekeeping Have?
56 2017.DEC.18 2017.DEC.16-2 Scientists Found Ancient Penguin as Big as Human
57 2017.DEC.18 2017.DEC.16-3 Are You in the 'Driver's Seat' or 'Asleep at the Wheel'?
58 2017.DEC.18 2017.DEC.16-4 College Admissions: Getting the Timing Right
59 2017.DEC.19 2017.DEC.17 When Violence Takes Away Men, Families Suffer
60 2017.DEC.19 2017.DEC.17-2 South Korea Worried About High Cost of Olympics
61 2017.DEC.19 2017.DEC.17-3 France Hopes to Get More Wind Energy from Its Coasts
62 2017.DEC.19 2017.DEC.17-4 Bill Clinton: Survivor
63 2017.DEC.20 2017.DEC.18 Several Died in Washington State Train Derailment
64 2017.DEC.20 2017.DEC.18-2 Honduras President Declared Winner, OAS Calls for New Vote
65 2017.DEC.20 2017.DEC.18-3 Trump's New National Security Strategy Singles Out China, Russia
66 2017.DEC.20 2017.DEC.18-4 For Children, the Digital World Is Good and Bad
67 2017.DEC.21 2017.DEC.19 North Korean Hackers Steal Millions of Dollars in Bitcoin
68 2017.DEC.21 2017.DEC.19-2 In Western China, a Police State and a Climate of Fear
69 2017.DEC.21 2017.DEC.19-3 Education Tips: Managing Large Language Classes
70 2017.DEC.22 2017.DEC.20 Anti-Smoking Foundation Faces Criticism
71 2017.DEC.22 2017.DEC.20-2 S. Korea Wants to Postpone Military Drills Until After Olympics
72 2017.DEC.22 2017.DEC.20-3 Trump Threatens to Cut Aid to UN Members Over Jerusalem Vote
73 2017.DEC.23 2017.DEC.20-4 Facebook Admits Social Media Can Harm Mental Health
74 2017.DEC.23 2017.DEC.21 Increase in North Korean Defections Could Show Impact of Sanctions
75 2017.DEC.23 2017.DEC.21-2 Squatters Demonstrate Brazil's Poverty
76 2017.DEC.23 2017.DEC.21-3 UN Approves Resolution Rejecting US Decision on Jerusalem
77 2017.DEC.23 2017.DEC.21-4 Grammar and Christmas
78 2017.DEC.24 2017.DEC.22 Pro-Independence Parties Win Majority in Catalonia Elections
79 2017.DEC.24 2017.DEC.22-2 US Recognizes Disputed Honduran Election Results
80 2017.DEC.24 2017.DEC.22-3 Refugee Students Help Those in Need This Holiday Season
81 2017.DEC.25 2017.DEC.23 Environmental Group Says Japan Helping Ivory Trade
82 2017.DEC.25 2017.DEC.23-2 New Indian Retirement Community in California
83 2017.DEC.26 2017.DEC.23-3 VOA Learning English Presents 'A Visit From St. Nicholas'
84 2017.DEC.25 2017.DEC.24 A History of Christmas in America
85 2017.DEC.26 2017.DEC.24-2 Top Science Stories from 2017
86 2017.DEC.26 2017.DEC.24-3 George W. Bush: Wartime President
87 2017.DEC.27 2017.DEC.25 Botswana Turns to Trained Dogs to Protect Wildlife
88 2017.DEC.27 2017.DEC.25-2 Civil War Leads South Sudan Closer to Starvation
89 2017.DEC.27 2017.DEC.25-3 A Look Back at Health, Lifestyle for the Year
90 2017.DEC.28 2017.DEC.26 South Korea Says North Likely Seeking Talks
91 2017.DEC.28 2017.DEC.26-2 Russian Officials Bar Anti-Corruption Activist from Running for President
92 2017.DEC.28 2017.DEC.26-3 Peru's Fujimori Asks for Forgiveness After Pardoning
93 2017.DEC.28 2017.DEC.26-4 Programs Let Inmates Earn University Degree While in Prison
94 2017.DEC.28 2017.DEC.26-5 Mystery Solved: Apple Admits it Slows Some Older iPhones
95 2017.DEC.29 2017.DEC.27 Technology Brings 3-D Images to Food Menus
96 2017.DEC.29 2017.DEC.27-2 Paper Company Creates New Land Conflicts with Villagers
97 2017.DEC.29 2017.DEC.27-3 Brexit Talks Could Help Turkey, Ukraine Deepen Links with Europe
98 2017.DEC.29 2017.DEC.27-4 UNESCO Recognizes Panama's Hats
99 2017.DEC.29 2017.DEC.27-5 Top Technology Stories of 2017
100 2017.DEC.30 2017.DEC.28 90 Percent of Kenyan Students Failed Secondary Exams
101 2017.DEC.30 2017.DEC.28-2 Ukraine, Pro-Russian Forces Trade Prisoners to Mark the New Year
102 2017.DEC.30 2017.DEC.28-3 Fashion Show Brings Hope to Congo
103 2017.DEC.31 2017.DEC.29 S. Korean President Calls Sex Slave Deal with Japan Problematic
104 2017.DEC.31 2017.DEC.29-2 Those We Said Goodbye to in 2017
105 2017.DEC.31 2017.DEC.29-3 'Feathertop,' by Nathaniel Hawthorne
106 2018.JAN.02 2017.DEC.30 2017: A Year Marked by Disaster, Violence
107 2018.JAN.02 2017.DEC.31 World's First Nuclear Fusion Reactor 50 Percent Complete
108 2018.JAN.02 2017.DEC.31-2 New Year's Traditions Around the World
109 2018.JAN.02 2017.DEC.31-3 Restaurants to Offer Free Food from Leftovers
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