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2018.JAN : VOA Monthly Title List  

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Num Create date VOA date Title of VOA news
1 2018.JAN.03 2018.JAN.01 Tourism Is on the Rise in America's 'Coal Country'
2 2018.JAN.03 2018.JAN.01-2 Food Cravings: They're All in Your Brain.
3 2018.JAN.03 2018.JAN.01-3 Number of Orphans Drops in Countries Around the World
4 2018.JAN.04 2018.JAN.02 South Korea Calls for Talks with North Korea on Winter Olympics
5 2018.JAN.04 2018.JAN.02-2 Trump Praises Iranian Protesters
6 2018.JAN.04 2018.JAN.02-3 Pakistan Meets with US Ambassador over Trump's Comments
7 2018.JAN.04 2018.JAN.02-4 American English Words Borrowed from Japanese
8 2018.JAN.05 2018.JAN.03 How Will Machines and AI Change the Future of Work?
9 2018.JAN.05 2018.JAN.03-2 California Becomes Largest State to Legalize Marijuana
10 2018.JAN.05 2018.JAN.03-3 Peruvian Writers Speak Out Against Fujimori Pardon
11 2018.JAN.05 2018.JAN.03-4 Extreme Cold Affecting Many Areas Across US
12 2018.JAN.05 2018.JAN.03-5 Iran's Islamic Republic Faces Protests
13 2018.JAN.06 2018.JAN.04 China Offers to Work with US on Opioid Drug Crisis
14 2018.JAN.06 2018.JAN.04-2 US Attorney General Ends Obama Marijuana Policy
15 2018.JAN.06 2018.JAN.04-3 China-Taiwan Relations: What to Expect in 2018
16 2018.JAN.06 2018.JAN.04-4 Iranian Americans Closely Watching Protests in Iran
17 2018.JAN.06 2018.JAN.04-5 What Is a 'Bomb Cyclone?'
18 2018.JAN.06 2018.JAN.04-6 Getting to Know Gerunds and Infinitives
19 2018.JAN.07 2018.JAN.05 African Environmentalists Praise China's Ivory Ban
20 2018.JAN.07 2018.JAN.05-2 Disputed Book About Trump, 'Fire and Fury,' Becomes Bestseller
21 2018.JAN.07 2018.JAN.05-3 Cate Blanchett to Lead Cannes Film Festival Judges
22 2018.JAN.07 2018.JAN.05-4 'To Build a Fire,' by Jack London
23 2018.JAN.08 2018.JAN.06 Program Trains Teachers, Students to Deal with School Shootings
24 2018.JAN.08 2018.JAN.06-2 Report Warns Against Selfies with Animals in Amazon
25 2018.JAN.08 2018.JAN.06-3 Using Cats to Explain Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
26 2018.JAN.08 2018.JAN.06-4 'Cold Feet' and Other Cold Body Expressions
27 2018.JAN.09 2018.JAN.07 US Fishermen Fear the Growth of Wind Power Industry
28 2018.JAN.09 2018.JAN.07-2 Thai Street Food 'Queen' Wins Michelin Star Award
29 2018.JAN.09 2018.JAN.07-3 Donald Trump: Unusual
30 2018.JAN.10 2018.JAN.08 CES 2018: Voice-Controlled Assistants Steal the Show
31 2018.JAN.10 2018.JAN.08-2 Two Injured in Small Fire at Trump Tower
32 2018.JAN.10 2018.JAN.08-3 Two Lottery Tickets Won $1 Billion over the Weekend
33 2018.JAN.11 2018.JAN.09 North and South Korea Meet, Agree to Future Talks
34 2018.JAN.11 2018.JAN.09-2 Iran Bans Teaching of English in Primary Schools
35 2018.JAN.11 2018.JAN.09-3 Google Doodle Honors Indian American Scientist
36 2018.JAN.12 2018.JAN.10 US Proposes Opening Most Coastal Waters for Oil Drilling
37 2018.JAN.12 2018.JAN.10-2 South Korea's President Willing to Talk with Kim Jong Un
38 2018.JAN.13 2018.JAN.11 Indonesia, Philippines Hold Talks on Security Cooperation
39 2018.JAN.13 2018.JAN.11-2 US Street Named after Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov
40 2018.JAN.14 2018.JAN.12 Researchers Find 2,700-Year-Old 'Governor Seal' In Jerusalem
41 2018.JAN.14 2018.JAN.12-2 Britain Hopes to Join Pacific Trade Deal
42 2018.JAN.15 2018.JAN.13 Disease Spreading Among Rohingya at Refugee Camp
43 2018.JAN.15 2018.JAN.13-2 South African Grandmothers Are Boxing to Fight Old Age
44 2018.JAN.15 2018.JAN.13-3 Time to Get 'Cozy!'
45 2018.JAN.16 2018.JAN.14 US Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Honored
46 2018.JAN.16 2018.JAN.14-2 Indonesians Explore Plans to Move Capital
47 2018.JAN.16 2018.JAN.14-3 Venezuelans Seek Treasure in Polluted River
48 2018.JAN.16 2018.JAN.14-4 China-led Group Wants More Development on Mekong River
49 2018.JAN.16 2018.JAN.14-5 Scientists Aim to Give AI to Robot Cat That Helps the Elderly
50 2018.JAN.17 2018.JAN.15 High Patient Death Rates after Operations in African Hospitals
51 2018.JAN.17 2018.JAN.15-2 Children of Terror Left Behind in Iraq
52 2018.JAN.17 2018.JAN.15-3 China's Silk Road Plan Facing Problems
53 2018.JAN.18 2018.JAN.16 Saudi Arabia Holds Car Show Just for Women
54 2018.JAN.18 2018.JAN.16-2 Bangladesh to Send Rohingya Back to Myanmar
55 2018.JAN.18 2018.JAN.16-3 Freedom House: Democracy Ratings for Most Countries
56 2018.JAN.18 2018.JAN.16-4 Japan Gets False Missile Warning, After Hawaii Incident
57 2018.JAN.19 2018.JAN.17 North, South Korea to March Together at Winter Olympics
58 2018.JAN.19 2018.JAN.17-2 Bitcoin Loses Half of Its Value
59 2018.JAN.23 2018.JAN.19 Amazon Announced Choices for Possible Second Headquarters
60 2018.JAN.22 2018.JAN.20 Quiet Cooperation Eases Safety Risks in South China Sea
61 2018.JAN.23 2018.JAN.21 US Policy May Cause Trade War with Chinese Internet Companies
62 2018.JAN.23 2018.JAN.21-2 New Technology Reads Ancient Documents without Opening Them
63 2018.JAN.24 2018.JAN.22 North Korea Works Out Details for PyeongChang Games
64 2018.JAN.24 2018.JAN.22-2 US Government To Reopen After Three Day Shutdown
65 2018.JAN.29 2018.JAN.27 Myanmar Businesses Support Rebuilding Rakhine State
66 2018.JAN.29 2018.JAN.27-2 Rural Cameras Capture Animals in the Wild
67 2018.JAN.30 2018.JAN.28 In Year of the Dog, Malaysia Avoids Dog Symbols
68 2018.JAN.30 2018.JAN.28-2 America's Most Diverse Fighting Force Celebrates Its Differences
69 2018.JAN.30 2018.JAN.28-3 NASA Tests Power System to Support Manned Missions to Mars
70 2018.JAN.31 2018.JAN.29 Two Years After Poisoned Water Crisis in US City, Mistrust Remains
71 2018.JAN.31 2018.JAN.29-2 Terror Attacks Continue in Afghan Capital
72 2018.JAN.31 2018.JAN.29-3 Higher Flu Rates Reported Across the World
73 2018.FEB.01 2018.JAN.30 North Korea Missile Threat Brings Back Talk of 'Star Wars' Defenses
74 2018.FEB.01 2018.JAN.30-2 Sky Watchers Prepare For the 'Super Bowl' of Moons
75 2018.FEB.01 2018.JAN.31 Trump Calls for a 'New American Moment' in Speech
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